Blended Normals, or Soft Flat Shading

- 2017.12.15 7:00pmBlended normals

Flat shading's harsh edges and flat colors have never been something I find visually appealing, but I always feel like there's something nice still hidden in there! Well, I finally found a way to soften the harshness of it all, and I really, really love the results!

The key is blended normals! Take flat shading normals, and blend them with the usual vertex normals! This will preserve the hard edges created by the flat shading, but also add in some of the smoothness of traditional gouraud! Add in some sliders for tweaking, and you have yourself a beautiful retro/modern hybrid approach to lighting.

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Making Callisto's Wind

- 2017.7.18 3:00pmA gust of wind from the game

In Callisto, I needed to add some motion to the scene, some visual activity to make the place seem alive! Since it's technically a fairly barren ice moon, with more snow than life, it made sense to add something to make it look windier.

I quickly settled on a cartoonish looking wind swirl, which you can see above! It looks cool, it's easily recognizable, and it's super easy to implement quickly! I didn't even need to write a custom shader for this, as it's accomplished entirely through scrolling the UVs on the material.

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Progress Update on Plains of Callisto

- 2017.7.3 4:00pmModels from Callisto

That's the name of Game #1! Last week I spent working on the first seven days of the project, and it felt amazing! It's a relatively straightforward top-down mobile shooter, and it takes place on the moon of Callisto, orbiting Jupiter. I've done a game very similar to this already, which is one of the reasons I chose it. I wanted something easy so I could test out my workflow, focus on my priorities, and just get a feel for what the rest of the project would look like!

I quickly figured out it would be a bit of a time squeeze to get it done in a week. While I had a basic playable game done in the first 4 hours, (yay tools!) I soon was sucked into fixing bugs and adding cruial features to some of my newer, less tested tools (yay tools?). Also, about 1/3 of my week was spent working on UI as well, definitely way more than I wanted!

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4 Things I Learned About Productivity

- 2017.6.26 4:00pmPresenting at the San Francisco Unity Users Group

I just spent three weeks preparing for the Playdeck Project! Part of the time I was wrapping up loose ends, and part of it I was building tools for use during the project. It's been a relaxing and enjoyable few weeks, but it was also full to the brim with some pretty cool accomplishments!

I've streamlined my workdays a lot already, so I decided to share some strategies I used to make myself more effective! I won't say I'm 100% productive yet, but I've seen a pretty drastic improvement since my first week.

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Ferr2D Terrain v1.11 Release

- 2017.6.25 2:00pmFerr2D Terrain Update

This week concluded work on v1.11, which is out on the Asset Store for download now! I had originally intended for it to be a simple update to remove some warnings caused by Unity 5.6, but with a pleasant surplus of time, I was able to fit in a couple of nice new features too!

This update should make your edges look a fair bit better than they used to, and I managed to chase down a number of bugs throughout! Check out the new stuff below :)

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