Progress Update on Plains of Callisto

- 2017.7.3 4:00pmModels from Callisto

That's the name of Game #1! Last week I spent working on the first seven days of the project, and it felt amazing! It's a relatively straightforward top-down mobile shooter, and it takes place on the moon of Callisto, orbiting Jupiter. I've done a game very similar to this already, which is one of the reasons I chose it. I wanted something easy so I could test out my workflow, focus on my priorities, and just get a feel for what the rest of the project would look like!

I quickly figured out it would be a bit of a time squeeze to get it done in a week. While I had a basic playable game done in the first 4 hours, (yay tools!) I soon was sucked into fixing bugs and adding cruial features to some of my newer, less tested tools (yay tools?). Also, about 1/3 of my week was spent working on UI as well, definitely way more than I wanted!

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