Building a visual style part 2.

- 2017.6.16 1:00pmVisual style in the shooter VR demo.

Now that we've talked about what the project is, I'll show you some details on how I implemented it! I'll also share some shader code too, in case you're interested in doing something similar.

If you haven't read the previous post, you'll be interested in catching that here. It talks about the overall concept of the project, and has some cool details in it too :)

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Building a visual style part 1.

- 2017.6.14 4:00pmVisual style in the shooter VR demo.

I'm going to talk about a project I'd like to continue working on sometime. By that, I mean it's a project that I've abandoned, and while I hope I'll get back to it someday, I likely never will. Which is a bit sad. It was cool.

In this post, I'll tell you about how this project came to be! Then I'll show you a bit about the process I used to figure out the visual feel of the game, and a bunch of gifs. Then later in another post, I'll show you some shaders and visual effects! I love shaders.

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I'm gonna make a fudgeton of games.

- 2017.6.8 1:00pmHave you ever thought about making a game?

Have you ever thought about making a game? It's all I've ever wanted to do. Sometimes I get sidetracked, and sometimes life gets in the way, but now I'm setting aside some real time to make games! But not one or two games, I'm going to make an enormous pile of them, 52 to be exact! The Playdeck Project, one game a week, over a year. Or at least, that's the plan!

I recently ended 2.5 years at Zynga, a company that I never quite expected to be at. Like most experiences, it had its ups and downs. This one had more ups than downs, and I came out of it with exactly the sort of experience I hoped to acquire! I'm now a little older, a little more experienced, and I've had a much closer look at how success actually works.

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