Ferr2D Terrain v1.11 Release

- 2017.6.25 2:00pmFerr2D Terrain Update

This week concluded work on v1.11, which is out on the Asset Store for download now! I had originally intended for it to be a simple update to remove some warnings caused by Unity 5.6, but with a pleasant surplus of time, I was able to fit in a couple of nice new features too!

This update should make your edges look a fair bit better than they used to, and I managed to chase down a number of bugs throughout! Check out the new stuff below :)

Better edge slicing!

Like butter.

In previous versions, texture segments were stretched out between each path point. This was simpler to implement, but ended up stretching the textures a lot more than necessary, especially when path points were close together. In the new update, texture segments are now sliced independently of the path points, and are more evenly stretched out across the entire edge! Nice.

Bend correction

Tickles the senses.

With unsmoothed paths, significant bends would frequently result in squeezing the edge along the vertical axis, adding extra distortion to the texture. Not ideal. It wasn't an enormous issue, it didn't occur a ton during most use cases, and the scaling feature could be used to correct this manually. Now it's automatic! Should

Segment Lock Mode

More control!

A feature I get asked for a lot, I figured out a way to get this one in! This allows you to manually specify which body segment gets used along the path. If you're really into controlling exactly how your terrain looks, then you'll definitely like this bit! Of course, you can always just rely on the default random selection, save yourself some time :)

Shader Fog


I had originally kept Ferr2D's shaders really lean, but adding in support for Unity's fog system is quite simple, and doesn't affect performance if you aren't using it. Truth be told, I probably should have added this one in a long time ago, but it's there now! And fog is awesome :)

Future Plans

Right now, I've got a big project to work on, 52 games will keep me pretty occupied! I don't have any major updates planned for Ferr2D immidiately following this, but you can bet I'll be keeping my eye out for the Unity 2017 update. I'll also use Ferr2D in some of my games, so you might see some small updates coming from that as well!

Complete Changelist

Here's the full changelist, with some of the smaller changes listed too.

  • Added a Segment Lock Mode [Ctrl+L and scene menu] where you can override the random body texture segments
  • Edge texture slicing is now independant of path points, resulting in way less stretching
  • Path points now automatically compensate scale to keep the top and bottom of the edge parallel
  • New terrain material picker shows recently used, and utilizes Unity's object picker
  • Inverted fill now has controls for how far the outer area extends
  • Added a button for generating colliders in editor instead of at start
  • Improved falloff algorithm for lights
  • Added support for Unity's fog system
  • Fixed 5.6 warnings and updated minimum version to 5.3, initial 2017.1 compatibility check
  • Switched terrain materials to ScriptableObjects, old materials still work, but are phasing out
  • ComponentTracker is now gone, ScriptableObjects are king
  • Fixed various issues with undo and marking modified objects dirty
  • Changed namespace on Poly2Tri to avoid collisions with other tools, please modify if you already have a version in your project!

NOTE: Materials that were created in v1.0.9 or earlier will need to be upgraded to appear in the material selector. Visit each scene with terrain objects, and choose the menu item 'Tools->Ferr->2D Terrain->Update scene Ferr2D objs with new material assets'. This will automatically create new material assets and connect terrain objects to them! You can also create new materials through the 'Create Updated Material Object' button on the old assets, and relink them manually.

I got quite a bit in this update! If you've got any questions, or suggestions for future additions, do let me know! Enjoy!